Sunday, July 20, 2008


It's been a couple days since I've created my very own blog and I must admit that it can be quite addicting! I was first inspired by Coastal Nest and continued to visit blogs that where posted on individual sites. I am so amazed by the talents of you ladies. Thank you so much for your inspiration, stories, and wonderful recipes! I can't wait to bake those cakes! It is a comfort to know that there are so many that also enjoy "Nesting at Home" and making it a Sanctuary for themselves and their families.
One reason I love baking are the memories of my Mother baking bread and the aromas would fill our home. I always anticipated that loaf coming out of the oven, often asking "Is it done yet?" I think this may be why I have such a love of Breads! These are some of the memories I hope my own son will remember when he's grown...The yummy smells coming from the kitchen, and our weekend breakfasts of Waffles, French Toast, Eggs and potatoes...
My favorite baking moments are when he asks me if I want to bake cookies and offers to help me. Time spent with him are memories in the making...these are the times I cherish most.
Pictured here is the Love of my Life & my Mother.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Greetings!

I sit and write this at my new home in Northern California. My son and I have been fortunate to leave the suburbs and busy city life for the quiet Country roads and small town traditions. We live on a fifty five acre ranch in a charming little cottage among the Oak trees.
I sometimes feel it's something like a fairy tale living here. In a blink of an eye there will be a multitude of birds all over the yard. It is a sight to see and I so enjoy it! I am eager to buy a bird book so that I can learn about my new little friends.
I'm looking forward to meeting you ladies out there that share my love of family, decorating, antiquing, and flea market adventures!
I love to see how people live and always enjoy a peek into the doors of their homes. This is where I find the best inspiration! I also look forward to my subscriptions of Country Living and Country Home each month for even more!
Until next time... Remember to stop and smell the Roses!