Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yard Sale Finds!

I ran to the market this past Saturday and happened across a yard sale with a sweet old man sittin' on his porch. He was such a pleasure to talk to, I explained that we were new to the area and he introduced himself & visited with my son and I asking us how we liked our new home. He lit up when he learned where we live because he happens to know one of our "famous" neighbors, Merle Haggard. He shared a story with us about one of his visits with him. Not only did we enjoy talking to "David", but I also came away with a few treasures!
I love living in the Country!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Found Treasures

As I'm new to the area I have to "Mapquest" pretty much every where I go. I arrived at my destination to find a Salvation Army across the street. I was so excited I could hardly wait to finish up my errand so I could go explore the store! Some might think I'm silly to get so excited about such a place but I think they may not realize the treasures that are inside.
I am always happy to find one simple treasure but was fortunate to find two! I have a new found admiration for Sterling Silver and have found some great pieces in the past at the flea market. This little pedestal dish was $4 & has found a home in my bathroom for my yummy French Soaps!
The little dish with the birds is adorable! I couldn't believe it was $1! I have decided to place it atop my antique dresser (had belonged to my father and has the most beautiful mirror ever!) & use it for some of my hoop earrings.
These are the little things that just make my day! I think Sunday may be a good day to explore the local Flea Market...I can only imagine the treasures waiting for me there.
Enjoying my weekend,