Friday, March 20, 2009


ToDay is tHe FiRst DaY oF SpRinG! I can't help but smile, the weather has been so lovely! I have been enjoying my time outdoors...Working in the GaRdEn, My daily WaLkS, creating that CoZy outdoor living space, and the beautiful blooms that surround me!
This beautiful photo of a CrAb ApPLe Tree...I have eight of these lovlies just out front of our Cottage.
We have also come to acquire some pretty little equine friends that have come to stay in the pasture that surrounds us. It is a treat to have these little ladies come to the fence for a little lovin'. I ecspecially enjoy when they are feeling frisky...they run about throwing their heads and bucking about. It is a sight to see!
Spring in the Country is truely a treat to behold!
Enjoy the outdoors & have a beautiful weekend!

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The Vintage Post said...

We've thought of getting a few chickens ourselves. What a great idea! I like the names you both have chosen I also like Charlotte, Gretchen just good Ole' country names.